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Iran vows crack down on people who are promoting unveiling

People who encourage women to
remove the hijab will be prosecuted in criminal courts and will
have no right of appeal against any conviction, Iran’s deputy
attorney general has said, according to local media.

Ali Jamadi’s comments on Saturday come as an increasing number of women have been
defying Iran’s compulsory dress code, appearing unveiled in
malls, restaurants, shops, streets, and other public areas.

Several female celebrities and activists have also in recent months posted photos of themselves on social media without the veil.

“The crime of promoting unveiling will be dealt with in the criminal court whose decisions are final and unappealable,” the semi-official Mehr News quoted Deputy Attorney General Jamadi as saying.

“The punishment for the crime of promoting and encouraging others to remove the hijab is much heavier than the crime of removing the hijab itself, because it is one of the clear examples of encouraging corruption,” he added.

He did not say what the punishments might be or what exactly entails promoting unveiling.

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Cameras to monitor unveiled women

Iranian police on Saturday installed cameras in public
places to identify and penalise unveiled women, Iranian media

Police announced the plan last week.

A growing number of Iranian women have been ditching their
veils since the death of a 22-year-old woman while in the custody of the morality police last September.

Mahsa Amini had
been detained for allegedly violating the hijab rule. Security
forces violently put down the protests following her death.

Videos of unveiled women resisting the morality police have
flooded social media.

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