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Iran delegation to visit Saudi Arabia for embassy reopening

An Iranian technical
delegation will visit Saudi Arabia this week to prepare for the
reopening of Iran’s embassy in Riyadh, the semi-official ISNA
news agency has reported.

“The Iranian technical delegation will visit Tehran’s embassy in Riyadh and make arrangements for the reopening of Iran’s embassy in Saudi Arabia,” ISNA reported on Sunday.

The announcement comes days after the foreign ministers of
Iran and Saudi Arabia met in Beijing on Thursday for the first
formal gathering of their top diplomats in more than seven
years after China brokered a deal to restore relations between
the top regional powers.

The Saudi foreign ministry had said on Saturday that
officials had visited Iran to discuss procedures for reopening
Riyadh’s diplomatic missions in the Islamic Republic.

“The Saudi delegation visited the Saudi embassy in Tehran this morning,” ISNA added.

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