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Türkiye foils drug smuggling attempt at south, seizes 850 kg heroin

Türkiye’s Trade Ministry has announced the interception of a record-breaking 850 kilograms (1,873.93 pounds) of heroin at the Habur Customs Gate, situated on the southeastern border with Iraq.

This seizure marks the largest quantity of heroin ever confiscated in a single operation at border crossings.

According to a statement issued by the ministry on March 28, vigilant border security teams identified a truck as “risky” during routine inspections at the Habur gate. Upon conducting a thorough search, authorities uncovered 850 kilograms of heroin concealed within the cargo. The estimated value of the seized narcotics amounts to approximately TL 1.3 billion ($40.1 million).

An investigation into the incident has been launched while the ministry emphasized its resolve to maintain stringent measures at borders, thwarting illicit activities and safeguarding the nation’s security.

In a separate statement, the ministry revealed that recent operations in Istanbul, Izmir, Van and Artvin yielded significant results, with over TL 140 million worth of drugs and smuggled goods seized. Notable interceptions include approximately 85 kilograms of heroin at Istanbul’s Pendik Port and the confiscation of around 36 kilograms of narcotics at Istanbul Airport, comprising cannabis and cocaine.

The concerted efforts of customs enforcement teams have effectively curtailed smuggling attempts valued at approximately TL 142 million over the past two weeks, underscoring Türkiye’s steadfast resolve in combating illicit activities and preserving public safety.

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