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Maiden flight of Turkish 5th-gen fighter jet tops global headlines

The 13-minute first test flight of Türkiye’s first indigenously developed fifth-generation fighter jet, KAAN, which marked a historic moment for the nation by taking off on Wednesday, has made a splash among worldwide media outlets, being widely featured in numerous countries.

United States

The U.S.-based Business Insider website said the successful completion of the maiden flight was “a major step forward for Turkey’s efforts to acquire a fifth-generation fighter.”

Business Insider stressed that KAAN was the result of over a decade of effort from the Turkish Air Forces Command and the country intends for KAAN to “eventually replace” the country’s F-16 fleet.

It underlined that Wednesday’s flight was a “promising step forward” for Türkiye, especially after the tension with the U.S. over the F-35 fighter jet project.

Bloomberg Television highlighted that Türkiye’s 5th-generation fighter jet’s first-ever flight was a “milestone.”

United Kingdom

Reuters announced the move by saying “Türkiye’s KAAN, its first national combat aircraft, completed its first flight on Wednesday, part of the country’s efforts to upgrade its air force.”

Citing Haluk Görgün, the head of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), Reuters noted that Türkiye aims to use domestically produced engines in KAAN in serial production.

London-based newspaper Al Arab reported the development with the headline, “Türkiye broke new ground in the production of 5th-generation combat aircraft.”

Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Saudi Arabia’s Asharq Bloomberg television website also presented KAAN’s first flight to its readers with the title “The greatest king. What do we know about Türkiye’s 5th-generation stealth plane?”

Qatar-based Al Jazeera television also announced KAAN’s first flight to its audience with the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


BNN Bloomberg television broadcasting in Canada stated that KAAN was the symbol of the self-confidence and innovation of the Turkish defense industry.

A new dawn was born in the history of Turkish defense and aviation, it said, adding the move represents a significant leap in Türkiye’s quest for self-reliance in military technology and a bold step toward the future of war.


The Japanese media showed praise for the first flight of KAAN, as Turkish defense officials hope to export the fifth-generation fighter jet to Asian and Gulf countries, according to the country’s biggest business newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei).

The paper also reported that the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) aims to develop KAAN to include low visibility capability by 2030, with the company also planning to manufacture 20 units.

Türkiye became the fifth country in the world to fly stealth fighter jets, following the U.S., Russia, China and South Korea, as stated by Yahoo Japan.

The Norimono News website reported on the first flight by KAAN to have been successfully completed.

The website provided a background for the name of the aircraft, saying that “KAAN” is “a masculine name of Turkic origin meaning ruler or king of kings.”

There are only five countries in the world that can develop and produce fifth-generation fighter jets, and Türkiye is now one of them, it added.

The Turkish firm developed the KAAN fighter jet, which is difficult to spot on radars as it has stealth capabilities, according to the news from Abema Times.

The story mentions President Erdoğan’s quote, which says, “Today was another proud day for Türkiye’s defense industry.”

The KAAN fighter jet is one of the world’s best among the fifth-generation fighter jets, along with the F-35 and the Sukhoi 57, it added, emphasizing that Türkiye is expected to improve its already developed defense capabilities in the future.


The People’s Daily and the Xinhua News Agency ran a story on KAAN, quoting Erdoğan’s statement, which says, “Türkiye has crossed another critical threshold in the production of fifth-generation fighter jets.”

The story mentioned that the aircraft was designed in line with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), and laid out the technical specifications of KAAN saying that it could replace the F-16 aircraft in the inventory.


The NDTV mentioned the indigenous aircraft with a story titled “Türkiye’s KAAN, its first national combat aircraft, completed its first flight on Wednesday, part of the country’s efforts to upgrade its air force.”

“The flight marks a landmark moment for Türkiye, where authorities have made modernizing the country’s aging air force a top priority,” said the Times of India.

“The project places Türkiye in a small group of powers working on fifth-generation aircraft, which means KAAN will eventually have stealth capabilities, advanced avionics and will be able to undertake command roles in battle,” it added.


Samaa TV ran a story titled “Türkiye’s first indigenous fighter jet KAAN takes maiden flight,” mentioning the successful flight and the many features of the fifth-generation fighter jet in detail.


TASS news agency showcased KAAN with its first successful flight, as well as the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which mentioned that the aircraft was started to be produced in 2017.

RIA Novosti news agency also announced the first flight of KAAN.


The Ayn Libya newspaper said the domestic fighter jet KAAN has soared the skies of the Turkish capital of Ankara, with a successful first flight.

The article included the statements made by Görgün, about the fighter jet, and provided further information about Türkiye’s efforts to produce a domestic fighter jet since 2016.

The Nabz newspaper quoted the statement made by the Turkish Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, which says that “Türkiye will be among the five countries in the world to produce a fifth-generation aircraft,” coupled with technical specifications on the aircraft.


The country’s state news agency Azertac published an article saying, “Türkiye’s fifth-generation national combat aircraft, KAAN, successfully completed its maiden flight in the early hours on Wednesday.”


The national state television Georgian Public Broadcaster (1TV.GE) announced that Türkiye’s fifth-generation fighter jet KAAN has made its first flight.

The story laid out the vehicle’s technical specifications, ranging from its capacity to work with various platforms to conducting precision strikes at supersonic speeds, all attributed to its artificial intelligence system.

Thus, Türkiye became one of the countries that can manufacture fifth-generation fighter jets, the story read.

“The first flight of the Turkish KAAN prototype was successfully completed,” said Forbes Georgia, adding that the fighter jet will allow Türkiye’s defense capabilities to be stronger and enhance the importance of the Turkish Air Force, as a domestically produced high-tech fighter jet will enter its inventory.

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