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London mayor criticizes UK law on irregular migration

The London mayor has criticized the UK government’s controversial legislation on irregular migration.

Speaking to Anadolu on the sidelines of an Eid celebration event at Trafalgar Square in Central London on Saturday, Sadiq Khan said: “I’m worried about some of the government legislation and worried about some of the rhetoric they use.”

“My worry is that the government is labeling everyone as an illegal in the registry prosecution,” he said, adding that one has to be careful and not allow people to use this as a part of a cultural war to separate communities and win votes.

Khan stressed that diversity in the UK is their strength, and not a weakness.

Drawing attention to the fact that he is a proud Muslim who was born and raised in London, home to many religious and ethnic groups, he said: “The one thing about our cities, differences are not just tolerated but also respected.”

“This is why we are always gonna be vigilant against those who tried to oppose our values.”

The government’s Illegal Migration Bill was recently passed by the House of Commons and will now be voted on in the House of Lords.

The draft legislation has been met with criticism from human rights organizations and refugee advocates, who argue that it violates international law and the UK’s obligations under the Refugee Convention.

It intends to stop all of those arriving in the UK illegally from being able to make asylum or human rights claims.

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman on Wednesday said migrants who risk their lives to arrive in the UK on small boats are “criminals.”

*Writing by Ahmet Gencturk

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