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Belarusian president orders border measures to check ‘infiltrators’

The Belarusian president on Tuesday ordered measures on the border to prevent “infiltrators” from entering the country.

“The situation forces us to respond to the recent developments. The government and the law enforcement agencies have been instructed to work out measures on the border to prevent all kinds of infiltrators from entering Belarus,” President Alexander Lukashenko said during a meeting in the capital Minsk, state news agency Belta reported.

Lukashenko said that cases of such “infiltrations” have been on the rise lately.

He further said that the situation around Belarus remains difficult, adding that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is building up its military presence near the country’s borders and that there are “provocations” in this regard.

Chairman of the Belarusian State Control Committee Ivan Tertel also reportedly said during the meeting that they expect significant aggravations in the operational situation around Belarus.

“This is due, firstly, to the hostilities in the southern direction. Everything is connected with this now. Secondly, attempts to destabilize the situation inside our country do not stop,” he said, adding these attempts are undertaken by the centers abroad with the support of sponsors.

“A number of such serious events are planned on our territory. Sponsors do not offer another way out for those who have already fallen into their clutches. The sponsors are foreign parties, both individuals and special services and other organizations,” Tertel said.

Lukashenko early last month said NATO is building up its forces and means along the member countries’ borders with Moscow and Minsk, after the West’s “failed attempt” at an economic blockade of the two countries.

He also said steps taken to strengthen border security made it possible to increase the protection of the Union State of Russia and Belarus from international terrorism, the uncontrolled flow of migrants, smuggling, ammunition, and drug trafficking.

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