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Taliban chief says ‘no’ to ‘interference’ in Afghanistan’s internal affairs

Facing global criticism for a ban on girls’ education and working women in Afghanistan, the Taliban supreme leader on Tuesday said “no” to interference in Afghan internal affairs.

In his traditional annual message on the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday, Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada said his country wants positive relations with its neighbors, Islamic countries, and the world, however, no country should interfere in their internal issues.

The Taliban’s supreme leader avoided directly responding to the world’s reaction over the ban on girls’ education or the recent ban on women working in global organizations.

However, he said the Taliban administration has introduced significant reforms in culture, education, economy, media, and other fields, and “the bad intellectual and moral effects of the 20-year occupation are about to finish.”

“Countrymen should consider these reform measures important because living in the light of Sharia principles will lead to the well-being of our world and the hereafter, as well as the eternal happiness, success, and salvation of our society,” the Taliban leader said.

Recently, the Taliban banned women from working in global organizations and the UN called the move unlawful but the Taliban said it is an internal issue of their country.

On April 11, the UN said it was being forced to make an “appalling choice” about its presence in Afghanistan after the Taliban banned women from working for the organization.

Akhundzada praised the Taliban administration for preventing poppy cultivation and said there is no space for drugs in Afghanistan.

“Preventing the cultivation of poppy in the country and the implementation of the decree of the Islamic Emirate remains a great achievement. This great work shows the firm determination of the Islamic Emirate and the strong support of the people, and this makes it clear that Afghanistan will be cleared of poppy cultivation and drugs soon,” he said,

He also directed people working in the Taliban administration to refrain from offering jobs to their relatives.

“Strictly avoid all kinds of discrimination [and] do not offer jobs to your relatives. Appointments should be based on merit,” the Taliban leader added.

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