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US endangered peace by flying recon plane through Taiwan Strait: China

China has accused the US of “endangering” peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait after a US reconnaissance aircraft flew through the strait.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said in a statement that its forces closely monitored the P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol and reconnaissance plane on Monday, which is also used for anti-submarine missions, as it flew through the strait which separates China from Taiwan.

“The US side’s actions deliberately interfered with and disrupted the regional situation and endangered peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. We firmly oppose this,” it added.

Theatre forces remain on “high alert” at all times and “resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” it said.

China, which considers the island of Taiwan and the strait its sovereign territory, opposes the US military presence in the region.

Navigation and reconnaissance activities by the US Navy in the region have led to tension between the two countries.

China criticise US officials’ Taiwan visit amid deterioration in relations

‘We don’t accept coercion’

Earlier on Monday, China said Washington has “no right” to point fingers at Beijing’s relations with Moscow after the US accused China of “considering sending lethal equipment” to Russia to aid in its war against Ukraine.

“China has been actively promoting peace talks and political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. The US has no right to point fingers at China-Russia relations and we do not accept coercion,” said Mao Ning, spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry.

“The US has not only continued to send lethal weapons to the battlefield in Ukraine but also continued to sell weapons to China’s Taiwan region in violation of the Three China-US joint Communiqués. What does the US really want?” Mao asked, according to the Chinese daily Global Times.

CIA Director William Burns said on Sunday that Beijing is mulling sending lethal equipment to Russia.

“We’re confident that the Chinese leadership is considering the provision of lethal equipment,” Burns said in an interview.

“We also don’t see that a final decision has been made yet.

And we don’t see evidence of actual shipments of lethal equipment,” said Burns, adding it is important for US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and President Joe Biden “to make very clear what the consequences of that would be to deter it because it would be a very risky and unwise bet.”

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday also said there would be “real costs” for China if it provides lethal weapons to Russia.

“From our perspective, actually, this war presents real complications for Beijing. And Beijing will have to make its own decisions about how it proceeds, whether it provides military assistance,” said Sullivan in a TV interview.

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