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Türkiye sets ‘example’ to world in disaster management: official

Türkiye has set an example to the world in disaster management and solidarity, the country’s Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said.

“Türkiye is an example to the world in disaster management and solidarity today,” Altun said at the International Cooperation and Solidarity in Natural Disasters panel in the capital Ankara.

Altun said the panel will address the issues related to assistance, solidarity and cooperation mechanisms in possible natural disasters or humanitarian crises that may arise anywhere in the world.

The world is faced with risks that go beyond the borders of a single country, such as economic crises, wars, epidemics, famine, climate crisis, and natural disasters, Altun said, adding: “For this reason, international solidarity and cooperation are of great importance in solving these problems.”

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Overwhelming support

Following the twin earthquakes that hit Türkiye’s southern region on February 6 and claimed more than 50,000 lives, Altun said world leaders, international institutions and organisations conveyed their condolences and support to Türkiye.

“Nearly 11,500 search and rescue personnel from 90 countries contributed to the efforts,” he added.

Reciprocating Türkiye’s solidarity in the face of global disasters and crises, he said the world did not leave the country alone in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

“Türkiye will never forget the (helping) hand extended to it on that difficult day – from the search and rescue teams of other countries to their in-kind support, from the field hospitals to the messages of condolence and support,” he added.

Altun also stressed Türkiye’s Communications Directorate has ensured that the public was properly informed since the beginning of the quakes, and it continues to fight against disinformation.

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