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Turkish Petroleum completes pipeline to transfer Black Sea gas to shore

Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) has announced the completion of the pipeline carrying natural gas from the Black Sea to the shore.

“The installation of pipes connecting our energy base in the Black Sea to the Sakarya Gas Field Land Facility has been successfully completed,” the TPAO said in a tweet on Wednesday.

Gas transmission from the Black Sea is expected to begin with an opening ceremony on April 20.

In August 2020, 320 billion cubic metres of natural gas were discovered in the Tuna-1 well in the Black Sea, making it the country’s largest gas discovery in history.

With an additional 85 billion cubic metres discovered in October 2020, the total quantity of discovered gas reserves was 405 billion cubic metres.

Following the discovery of 135 billion cubic metres in the Amasra-1 well in June 2021, the Black Sea gas reserves totalled 540 billion cubic metres.

Further 58 billion cubic metres of gas were found in December 2022 in the Caycuma-1 well in the southwestern part of the Black Sea.

A re-evaluation of gas reserves found that the country’s total gas reserves reached 710 billion cubic metres by the end of 2022, with a market value in the region of $1 trillion.

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