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Traditional Ramadan dishes across the world

Ramadan is the most special month of the year for Muslims. It’s a time for blessings, gatherings and celebration. 

It is also it’s a time to talk about food and cook everyone’s favourite dish for suhoor and iftar — the predawn and evening meals eaten while fasting.

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Ramazan Pidesi, Türkiye

The fluffy flatbread, adorned with sesame and black seeds, is ideally served fresh — and still hot — from the local bakery, where those fasting wait in long queues to take one or more home.

Haleem, Indian Subcontinent 

Dating back to the 10th century, the thick spiced dish is a staple in Ramadan and is made with wheat, or barley, meat and lentils, mixed with dried fruits and nuts and topped with lime, onions and fresh coriander.

Qatayef, Levant and Egypt

A pancake-like dough is stuffed with cream, nuts or cheese, fried until it’s golden, then soaked with a sugar syrup perfumed with rose water or orange blossom to prepare this Ramadan treat.

Nisalda, Uzbekistan

Markets and stalls all over the country sell this white dessert made from the root of a dried native plant which is boiled in water and mixed with egg whites and sugar syrup, resulting in a thick mixture that facilitates digestion.

Chorba Frik, Algeria

This comforting soup is made with meat, chickpeas, vegetables and frik, or freekeh, a green wheat that delivers a unique smoky flavour.

Samosa, Middle East, Central and South Asia

The triangular fried pastry almost always makes an appearance on iftar tables as a side dish and offers endless possibilities of savoury fillings, including meat, cheese, chicken or vegetables.

Zoolbia, Iran

This Persian dessert is a doughnut made with deep-fried dough rich in sweet syrup and is typically served with a cup of tea for iftar.

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