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Special Ramadan drinks across the world

During the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide fast from dawn till dusk.

Here are some traditional drinks often associated with Ramadan that help Muslims replenish their electrolytes and relish their iftar meals.

Demirhindi/Tamarind sherbet

In Türkiye, the famous Ottoman sherbet is made with tamarind fruit boiled with 41 different spices for 8 hours.


A sweet syrup made of rose water, dates and grape molasses that is often served with ice, pine nuts and raisins.

Jallab is known in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. 

Rooh Afza

In India and neighbouring countries, Rooh Afza is known as a sweet, pink
concentrated syrup made of fruits, roses and herbs served with cold water or milk. 

Carob juice, or kharob

Crushed carob pods are boiled with water to caramelise the sugar they contain and are then filtered to make the popular cold beverage. 

The drink is made in Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. 

Helo Murr

In Sudan, the dark brown drink is prepared with compressed and dried sheets of fermented corn and spices, which are then soaked in water and refrigerated for a few hours. 

Qmar al-Din

‘Moon of the Religion’ is a sweet drink made of dry apricot sheets.

After the sheets are dipped in water, the resulting thick liquid is mixed with sugar and rose water,
offering a sugar kick to those who drink it.

This drink is believed to have originated in Syria. 

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