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Russia reportedly mulling possible use of nukes to fend off US attack

Russia is developing a new type of military strategy using nuclear weapons to protect against possible US aggression, RIA
news agenc
y has reported citing a Russian Defence Ministry journal.

The article published on Thursday is the latest in a series of combative remarks
by Russian politicians and commentators after the invasion of
Ukraine on February 24 last year, suggesting Moscow would, if
necessary, be prepared to deploy its vast nuclear arsenal.

RIA said the article, published in the Voennaya Mysl
(Military Thought) magazine, concluded Washington was worried it
might be losing dominance over the world and had therefore
“apparently” prepared plans to strike Russia to neutralise it.

In response, Russian specialists were “actively developing a
promising form of the strategic use of the Russian armed forces
– an operation of strategic deterrence forces”, RIA said.

This, it continued, “presupposes the use of modern strategic
offensive and defensive, nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, taking
into account the latest military technologies”.

Moscow, the article said, needed to be able to show the
United States that it could not cripple Russia’s nuclear missile
system and would not be able to fend off a retaliatory strike.

Close calamity

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week suspended a
landmark nuclear arms control treaty, announced new strategic
systems had been put on combat duty, and threatened to resume
nuclear tests.

Although Moscow says it would only use nuclear weapons in
case Russia’s territorial integrity were threatened, Putin
allies have regularly suggested calamity could be close.

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev this week said the West’s continued supply of weaponry to Kiev risked a global catastrophe, repeating a threat of nuclear war over Ukraine.

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