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What’s Your Workplace Confession?

The office: Is there any setting more ripe for awkward encounters, embarrassing experiences or just plain weirdo behavior?

We want your stories, big and small.

For instance, did you accidentally send a message to your boss about … your boss? Did your friend’s deeply personal text message flash across your screen during a presentation? Did you scrawl an obscenity on an erasable whiteboard only to realize it was just a painted white wall?

Or did you do something more devious, like help yourself to someone else’s lunch in the communal fridge or take a power nap in the bathroom stall?

We’ve all done weird things and had weird things done unto us. Now is your chance to confess them and realize we’re all fallible humans just trying to survive in this cold and brutal world and feel a little less alone — and also be included in an upcoming project about office culture.

Please note that your submission may be edited for length and clarity. We will contact you directly for fact checking if we want to use your story.

We realize serious misconduct happens in workplaces, too. If you’d like to share that with a reporter, you can contact us with confidential tips here. This particular request is for lighthearted fare.

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