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Trump impeachment trial: What happened on day 10

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer branded the process a “shame trial” as senators voted against calling witnesses to be cross-examined.

Here’s what you need to know from day 10 of the trial.

In a sentence:
Senators voted against calling witnesses to testify, paving the way to a final vote on the articles of impeachment against President Trump.

In a paragraph:
Senators voted 51-49, largely along party lines, to strike down a motion to allow witnesses to be called or new evidence to be heard in President Trump’s impeachment trial. The vote ended days of sustained pressure from Democrats to convince senators to allow former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, to be cross-examined on the senate floor.

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In 100 words:
Democratic leader Chuck Schumer reacted with fury to the vote calling the Senate proceedings a “grand tragedy”.


“America will remember this day, unfortunately, where the Senate did not live up to its responsibilities, where the Senate turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial,” he said.

Senators are due to resume closing arguments on Monday before a final vote on the charges on Wednesday.

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The impeachment trial is now on an almost certain path towards a likely acquittal for President Trump, who is due to deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

The trial will now directly collide with the presidential election campaign as Democratic candidates prepare for their first nominating contest in Iowa on Monday.

Quote of the day:

“The cake is baked and we just need to move as soon as we can to get it behind us” – Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

Trump tweet of the day:

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The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats keep chanting “fairness”, when they put on the most unfair Witch Hunt in the history of the U.S. Congress. They had 17 Witnesses, we were allowed ZERO, and no lawyers. They didn’t do their job, had no case. The Dems are scamming America!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 31, 2020


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