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Nigel Farage: Brexit followed by boosted UK prosperity could be the end of the EU

If the United Kingdom makes a clean break from the European Union on Oct. 31 and continues to prosper on its own, it could mean the end of the Brussels-based bloc, according to Nigel Farage.

Farage claimed Wednesday on “Your World” that the EU is a key piece to the globalist view of the world and Brexit would be a major blow to that “project.”

“Us breaking free, us two years down the road being — seeming to do well, will be the end of the European Union,” Farage said. “The European Union is at the heart of the globalist project. We’ll be free of Greece and Italy and all of these economies that are doing so badly.”



Farage, a member of the European Parliament and leader of the Brexit Party, said the potential departure is not unlike President Trump’s election when it comes to deconstructing globalism.

“Brexit, Trump winning — these are all big blows back, big fights back against globalism,” he said.

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“Globalism is about losing your national democracy, losing your independence, losing control of your borders. We are, with this Brexit battle, we are on the front lines of something that doesn’t just affect us, it affects America — it affects the whole of the western world.”

However, Farage expressed caution at how the United Kingdom should break from the union. He said while new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has brought an “optimistic” boost to 10 Downing Street, he fears the New York-born leader will execute an “amended form” of his predecessor former Prime Minister Theresa May’s failed Brexit agreement.


“It looks like he wants to go for an amended form of that withdrawal agreement, and that would still leave us very tied to the EU rules,” he said, adding such an exit from the European Union would also prevent any immediate bilateral trade deal with the U.S.

Farage also defended Johnson’s decision to get royal approval to suspend Parliament until mid-October, a request that was approved Wednesday by Queen Elizabeth II.

“We have a constitutional monarchy, which means Parliament operates through the… auspices of the queen,” he said, adding Johnson’s detractors had characterized the move as a “terrible trick” when in reality it was, “actually a very normal thing.”

He added Johnson should push for a “clean” Brexit, which he claimed would be the most effective way forward for the U.K.


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