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Marc Thiessen on coronavirus response: ‘You can’t ask South Dakota to shut down because New York is in crisis’

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Former George W. Bush speechwriter and Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen joined “The Story” Friday to discuss the possibility of lifting social restrictions in places where the coronavirus outbreak has not had great effect.

“As we learn more about the virus, as we get a better handle on the problem over time, we have to have to start factoring in, also, the economic impacts to people who spend their entire lives building a business; gone in a week,” Thiessen told host Martha MacCallum.


President Trump has floated the idea of relaxing restrictions in certain parts of the country as part of his desire to have parts of the economy get back to normal by Easter Sunday.

“These are real human costs,” Thiessen said, “[but] nobody is talking about lifting restrictions to the whole country.”

Thiessen added NIH infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has mentioned the prospect of a staggered lifting of restrictions as well.


“[W]e may be able to shift to a South Korean model, where they basically … take the people who are infected and isolate them, but allow uninfected people to go about their lives,” he said.

“In New York, on the other hand, it’s probably going to be months and months, and who knows how long it will be in the hardest-hit areas — but you can’t ask South Dakota to be completely shut down because New York is in a crisis. So we have to find a balance.”


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