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John Bercow’s former top aide ‘submits bullying dossier to watchdog’

A new bullying complaint has reportedly been filed against John Bercow by his former most senior official.

The ex-House of Commons Speaker was accused of humiliating staff and using inappropriate language in the dossier compiled by Lord Lisvane, according to The Times.

The report was put together by the top clerk who served from 2011-2014 and handed to parliament’s standards commissioner on Thursday.

Image: Lord Lisvane was the top clerk from 2011 until 2014

Mr Bercow denied the allegations and said they came at a “curious” time, following suggestions he might be in line for a peerage.

In a statement, he said: “During the five years that we worked together, Lord Lisvane had ample opportunity to raise any accusations of bullying with me.


“At no stage did he do so, even though he became clerk of the house – the most senior official.

“The timing of this intervention is curious.”

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said the allegations were “concerning” and “need to be investigated thoroughly”.

He added: “Everyone working in parliament needs to be treated with dignity and respect. There is no place for bullying or abuse in parliament or any workplace.”

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Outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has reportedly nominated Mr Bercow to join the House of Lords, after the government broke precedent by choosing not to hand him a peerage immediately upon quitting the Commons in October.

Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom, who accused Mr Bercow several years ago of calling her a “stupid woman”, said the latest complaint should have an “impact” on whether he is made a peer.

“In the event that there are genuine, upheld complaints about any persons that should have an impact on whether they are found suitable for the House of Lords,” she told Sky News’ Kay Burley@Breakfast.

A House of Commons spokesperson said: “There is zero tolerance for abuse or harassment.”


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