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Türkiye’s Sivas couple kickbox their way to success at World Cup

A couple from the Turkish city of Sivas, Bora and Gül Taştan, are on a mission to make their mark at the upcoming Kickboxing World Cup in Istanbul from May 15 to 19.

Their journey into kickboxing began about two years ago, as a way to de-stress, based on the recommendation of friends.

Their search for the right activity led them to Muay Thai and kickboxing trainer Ekrem Aris, who became their coach and guide in the sport.

The couple has found a unique balance through kickboxing, using it not just for fitness but also as a way to harmonize their lives, keeping arguments at bay by venting their stress and energy at the gym.

Despite facing doubters who question their choice of sport at their age, the two have remained steadfast.

They have poured their efforts into training for the World Cup, intensifying their preparation over the last three months.

Their goal is clear: to return from the World Cup with a medal, showcasing the results of their hard work and determination.

Bora Taştan expressed his excitement for the competition, emphasizing how kickboxing has not only improved their physical health but also brought them closer as a couple.

Gül Taştan, echoing his sentiments, emphasized the dearth of sports options in Sivas and how kickboxing has become an integral part of their lives.

She acknowledged the initial attraction to the sport for its fitness benefits but highlighted how it has grown into a passion they cannot imagine giving up.

Despite encountering discouraging remarks, especially about their age, they remain unfazed, believing that sports, like kickboxing, are essential for steering children away from negative habits.

Trainer Ekrem Aris shared in their excitement, proud to be preparing a couple for their first championship together.

He expressed confidence in their abilities, underscoring the significance of their representation of the country in the tournament.

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