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Turkish sailors set to weather storm at 2024 Paris Olympics

National sailors Ecem Güzel and Derin Atakan, who secured spots for the 2024 Paris Olympics, expressed their belief that they can achieve better results with many young sailors in Türkiye in their field.

Güzel, who represents Galatasaray, and Fenerbahçe’s Atakan, shared their thoughts on the Olympic process and the current state of the sport with Anadolu Agency (AA).

Speaking about the national sailors who will compete in Paris, Güzel stated: “We have a very young team with some experienced individuals. I had aimed for the top 10 at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I realize now that I needed to experience that pressure. I am going to Paris more conscious and prepared. I believe there are great days ahead for Turkish sailing.”

In discussing the future of Turkish sailing, she emphasized the team’s commitment to following the trailblazing efforts of past athletes while simultaneously paving the way for aspiring young talents.

She highlighted the continuous improvement year after year, building upon her experiences and constantly seeking ways to work more efficiently.

By accumulating this knowledge, she aims to make the journey smoother for future generations.

With the expertise of the younger generation, Turkish sailing is poised to reach new heights, and they are actively taking steps to ensure this bright future becomes a reality.

Güzel discussed recent developments in sailing, noting that while there have been no changes in her class of sailing equipment, significant changes have occurred in other classes, with some completely changing their equipment.

She highlighted the progress in world sailing, anticipating a rise in competition level at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and beyond in Paris.

Güzel mentioned the sport’s evolution, citing increased competition, with races now featuring 60-70 participants compared to 20-30 in the past.

She expects tough competition in Paris.

Derin Atakan, speaking about younger sailors, said: “I qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics at the age of 17. I will turn 18 in June. When I look back, I see many young athletes coming up. There are many young athletes who are following in my footsteps. I think I play a very important role right now. I see that the athletes behind me support me and my juniors look up to me. This makes me very happy.”

Atakan discussed her plans for the year, focusing on her participation in the debut of the Formula Kite class at the Olympics.

She expressed her happiness in representing her country in this new Olympic class and mentioned the ongoing Olympic campaign by the current federation.

Atakan highlighted the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics in July and mentioned her participation in the World Championship process.

She also mentioned her plans to continue with her training camps.

Regarding the changes in sailing, Atakan noted the opening of a new class and anticipated advancements in technology in the future.

She viewed these developments positively, stating that they have contributed to the emergence of new talent in sailing.

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