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Turkish wedding halls offer special discounts for Feb. 29 marriages

Wedding halls across Türkiye have come together to launch a campaign offering special discounts to couples planning to tie the knot on Feb. 29, a leap day that occurs only once every four years.

Individuals whose birthdays, anniversaries or other significant occasions fall on leap day often miss the chance to celebrate on the actual day due to its infrequency.

As a result, many couples opt to avoid scheduling their weddings on leap years, leading to a noticeable decrease in the number of weddings planned for Feb. 29 this year.

In some wedding halls, which typically host an average of five marriages per day in February, the number of bookings for the leap day is nearly nonexistent.

To address this trend, several wedding hall businesses have decided to reduce their prices and offer attractive packages to entice couples to choose Feb. 29 for their wedding day.

Barış Ay, president of the Confederation of All International Employers’ Unions, stated that nearly 99% of couples prefer not to hold wedding ceremonies on a leap day. “Almost 99% of the wedding halls are empty on Feb. 29. This day presents an unmissable opportunity for prospective grooms who may have forgotten the dates of celebrations and important days. Some wedding hall operators are also offering discounted prices,” he added.

The campaign aims to encourage couples to embrace the uniqueness of a leap year wedding, offering them the chance to celebrate their special day on a truly memorable date.

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