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Expert warns of possible storm on Türkiye’s Marmara, Aegean coasts

As stormy weather looms over the Marmara and Aegean Sea regions, experts are advising the public to take necessary precautions to avoid potential inconvenience and danger.

Ayşe Aydemir Yıldırım, head lecturer of the Emergency and Disaster Management Program at Üsküdar University’s Vocational School of Health Services (SHMYO), emphasized the importance of understanding and implementing safety measures against storms. Yıldırım highlighted the destructive potential of storms, which are often characterized by strong winds and heavy precipitation like snow and rain.

“It is crucial for individuals to be well-informed about the precautions to be taken before, during, and after such natural emergencies,” Yıldırım stated. She underscored the significance of following meteorological warnings, which are typically broadcast on television, radio, and other media outlets.

Yıldırım advised the public to remain indoors after storm warnings are issued unless absolutely necessary. She recommended securing outdoor items such as flower pots, closing doors and windows to prevent wind entry, and parking vehicles in enclosed garages. Additionally, Yıldırım urged individuals to stay away from areas prone to collapse or falling objects, such as buildings, trees, and walls.

“If damage occurs during the storm, do not attempt repairs until the storm has passed,” Yıldırım cautioned. She emphasized the importance of patience and safety, advising individuals to wait until it is safe to venture outside and always close doors when entering buildings.

Yıldırım emphasized the importance of being cautious while driving on storm-exposed roads, particularly around structures like bridges and viaducts. She advised using alternative routes if possible.

Regarding post-storm precautions, Yıldırım warned against touching fallen or dangling electrical cables. She also advised staying away from walls, buildings, and trees whose safety is uncertain, as damage may occur later. Yıldırım emphasized the importance of safely detecting structural damage and avoiding entry into damaged areas without ensuring security. These precautions, he noted, can help protect individuals and their loved ones from storm-related hazards.

In a statement issued by the Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS), it was reported that winds off the Aegean Sea were expected to reach storm strength 6 to 8 (50-75 kph) from the north by noon on Sunday. The storm was forecast to intensify in the morning hours. The statement advised caution, especially for sailors and others involved in maritime transportation, against potential disruptions and other negative impacts caused by the storm.

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