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Russia warns depleted uranium shells to Ukraine may fall into terrorist hands

The Russian defense minister warned on Friday that shells containing depleted uranium the UK plans to deliver to Ukraine may fall into the hands of terrorists, creating nuclear risks on a global scale.

Speaking at a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in New Delhi, Sergey Shoygu said almost the entire NATO is engaged in a confrontation with Russia in Ukraine.

The minister said the Western involvement in Ukraine shows they had been planning a military confrontation with Russia for a long time.

The US, he said, spent about $5 billion for organizing a coup in Ukraine in 2014, which led to forming a “hostile nationalist Russophobic regime,” and as soon as Moscow started its “special military operation,” with the goal of protection of the Russian population, the West immediately imposed sanctions and started providing military aid to Ukraine.

The 2014 Maidan protests in Ukraine led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych.

“Large-scale sanctions were immediately imposed on Russia, arms supplies to Ukraine were organized, intelligence provided, military advisers and mercenaries sent to the combat zone. Thus, the military potential and capabilities of almost all NATO countries were engaged,” he said.

Shoygu said intelligence showed the weapons transferred to Ukraine fall into the hands of terrorists, which could affect the stability and security of Europe and the world as a whole.

“The transferred weapons end up on the black market and further fall into the hands of terrorist organizations, which creates additional global risks, especially given the statements about the supply of ammunition with depleted uranium,” he said.

The minister also criticized the US for actions aimed at solidifying its presence in the Asia-Pacific region to contain China, as well as plans to restore its presence in Central Asia.

Shoygu announced that in the face of new threats, Russia increased the combat readiness of its military bases in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

He also urged the SCO countries to exchange intelligence and hold joint military exercises to counter new methods and techniques used by terrorist organizations.

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