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US military: Top Daesh members killed in Syria air strike

A US air strike in northern Syria has killed two senior Daesh members including a leader identified by the US as Abu Hashum al Umawi, the military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) said.

“US forces conducted a successful air strike in northern Syria, killing both Abu Hashum al Umawi, a deputy Wali of Syria, and another senior ISIS [Daesh] official associated with him,” CENTCOM said in a statement on Thursday.

The statement came just hours after a rare US helicopter raid on a regime-held village in Syria’s northeast killed another Daesh member.

The US military said the target was Rakkan Wahid al Shammri, a Daesh official “known to facilitate the smuggling of weapons and fighters.” 

It said he was killed during the operation, while one of his associates was wounded and two others detained by US forces.

“No US forces were injured or killed during the operation, no civilians were killed or wounded, and there was no loss or damage to US equipment,” said the Florida-based Central Command, which oversees American troops in the Middle East.

US special forces carried out a rare operation on the regime-held village of Muluk Saray in the northeastern province of Hasakeh, Syrian regime media said in its Telegram channel.

The United States has carried out previous raids in Syria against members of Daesh, but the helicopter raid would be the first known operation against the group in a zone held by forces loyal to regime leader Bashar al Assad.

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