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Türkiye lambasts HRW report on Syrian refugees

Türkiye has rejected a report by Human Rights Watch on the treatment of Syrian refugees by Ankara, saying the organisation is disseminating false information among public and international community.

Türkiye’s Presidency of Migration Management (PPM) in a statement on Thursday, denied the HRW claims that suggested that “Turkish authorities arbitrarily arrested, detained, and deported hundreds of Syrian refugee men and boys to Syria.” 

PPM said that they tried to reach HRW multiple times in response to the allegations. Yet, all these attempts were ignored, it added.

“Türkiye hosts the largest number of refugees and carries out migration management in line with national and international laws,” it said in an official response letter to the HRW.

The letter highlighted that “Türkiye not only returns irregular migrants to their countries in a voluntary, safe and dignified manner in compliance with human rights, but also prioritises the foreigners in need of international protection and never forcibly returns them.”

PPM said HRW’s report which stated that its samples where based on reports that “do not  reflect the truth, rather only carry the risk of damaging the culture of tolerance between the host and  the foreign societies by falsifying reality.”

“Disseminating false information among public and international community is also concerning,” it warned.

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