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Hezbollah reacts after Lebanon-Israel sign landmark maritime deal

Lebanese group Hezbollah has denied giving security guarantees to Israel as part of a maritime border deal Lebanon inked with Israel last week. 

“Lebanon didn’t provide any security guarantees […] the Israeli enemy acknowledged the deterrence balance with the resistance,” Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech aired late on Saturday.

Nasrallah said the border negotiations with Israel were about to lead to a war before Tel Aviv backtracked.

The Hezbollah chief said there is still a 2.5-square-kilometres area of Lebanese territorial water that wasn’t addressed in the maritime deal.

“This area of Lebanese territorial water is occupied by the enemy and Lebanon must work for its liberation,” he added.

There was no comment from Israel on Nasrallah’s comments.

On Thursday, Lebanon and Israel signed a US-mediated maritime deal amid international and regional welcome of resolving the dispute.

Lebanon and Israel were locked in a dispute over a maritime area of 860 square kilometres rich in gas and oil, according to maps sent by both countries to the UN in 2011.

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