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Türkiye’s Erdogan reiterates call for inclusive, encompassing UNSC reforms

The order that confines the fate of humanity to the say of five countries is not sustainable, said the Turkish president, urging for an “inclusive and encompassing” reform to the UN Security Council.

“The current order, which traps the fate of humanity between the lips of 5 countries, is not sustainable. There is an urgent need for the UNSC to be reformed with an inclusive and encompassing understanding,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan at an iftar dinner held with foreign ambassadors and diplomats in Ankara on Tuesday.

He said Türkiye is now “harvesting the gains” of its entrepreneurial and humanitarian foreign policy, with several countries rushing to extend help to Türkiye after the February 6 earthquakes in the country’s south.

‘Unjust structure’: United Nations Security Council must reform – Türkiye

Ukraine conflict

Regarding Russia’s war on Ukraine, Erdogan voiced belief in the possibility “to maintain a fair peace that will allow both sides to get an honourable exit, and that will take our region out of the maelstrom it has been dragged into.”

Türkiye is aware of the “word games, diplomatic, and military cunnings” of terror groups, Erdogan said, and affirmed that his country is closely following them.

“Just as we do not consent to our country being surrounded by a terror corridor, we will certainly not allow further attempts,” he added.

On the recent attacks on Muslims’ holy book Quran in European countries, Erdogan said it is unacceptable, and said: “This is an obvious hate crime.”

“(Provocation by burning the Quran) These atrocities that not only offend nearly 2 billion people but also lead them to anger must be immediately terminated,” he said.

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