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Turkish president sends Passover wishes to Jewish community

The Turkish president on Saturday released a message sending Passover (Pesach) holiday greetings to the Jewish community.

“I send best wishes from the bottom of my heart to our Jewish citizens on the occasion of Pesach,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “That our Jewish citizens, with whom we have for centuries shared the same lands, and who have contributed greatly to our country’s development in every area, live in peace, security, and tranquility is an assurance of our country’s unity.”

Erdogan stressed that the august nation once again showed in the face of the earthquake that hit Türkiye on Feb. 6 that they are capable of overcoming any adversity by joining forces.

“Our Jewish citizens, who have since the very first moment of the earthquakes acted in a spirit of solidarity, displayed a praiseworthy stance as well,” he added.

“I congratulate all my Jewish citizens on their sensitivity that has strengthened our unity and solidarity as 85 million people,” he added, referring to Türkiye’s population.

“I share our Jewish citizens’ joy on the occasion of Pesach, and wish well-being to them and to all Jewish people,” he said.

The Passover, or Pesach, holiday commemorates the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt under the prophet Moses and is considered one of the holiest times on the Jewish calendar.

This year, Passover began on the evening of April 5 and will end on the evening of April 13.

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