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Turkish medical firm Invamed develops stent for treatment of peripheral artery aneurysms

Turkish medical firm Invamed announced on Friday that it had developed a “Stena Peripheral Flow Directing Stent” for the treatment of peripheral artery aneurysms.

While the causes behind most such aneurysms, which result in enlarged or ballooning blood vessels due to weakening in part of an artery wall, are unclear, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or old age are the main risk factors, Invamed said in a statement on the stent.

Aneurysms are mostly seen in the aorta, the largest artery in the body, while others are generally known as peripheral aneurysms, most often developing in the arteries of the limbs, added the statement.

Patients usually don’t feel any discomfort in 70% of peripheral aneurysms as they are relatively small in size, it noted, adding that pulsing swelling and pain in the arm or leg could serve as signs.

“Although there is a risk of bursting as in aortic aneurysms, peripheral aneurysms more often lead to problems due to occlusion of the vessel due to clot formation in the vessel and its growth and pressure on the surrounding tissues,” the statement said.

“The diagnostic methods to be applied when an aneurysm is suspected are ultrasonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The patient should be treated after diagnosis, especially in cases of obstruction in popliteal aneurysms and gangrene in the legs that this causes.

“The leading treatment method is surgery, which requires hospitalization for up to 10 days. The main alternative is endovascular treatment methods by placing stentgrafts.”

In the statement, Invamed also noted that flow-guiding stents, are a “relatively new and comfortable” aneurysm treatment method.

“In this context, the ‘Stena Peripheral Flow Directing Stent System,’ produced by Invamed, has a self-expanding network structure consisting of alloy wires with a very densely knit structure and interconnected in 5 layers,” it said.

“In this way, it adapts very well to the aneurysm area where it is placed, and blood flow to the aneurysm sac. This decrease in flow rate causes thrombus formation in the sac, and eventually the aneurysm shrinks or even completely disappears.

“The stent system developed in Invamed R&D laboratories and produced in the production campus is used for the endovascular treatment of patients with a suitable morphology for endovascular repair and unruptured peripheral artery aneurysms (iliac, visceral, popliteal and subclavian arteries).”

These stents are flexible, with high bending capacity and fatigue resistance, adapting to the walls of peripheral arteries, according to Invamed.

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