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Algeria rejects foreign military intervention in region for ‘fighting terrorism’

Algeria’s army chief, Lt. Gen. Said Chengriha, on Sunday reiterated his country’s rejection of any foreign military intervention in the region under the claim of combating terrorism.

“Algeria rejects any form of foreign intervention in the region under the pretext of combating terrorism because it is an approach that has proven to be a complete failure,” Chengriha said in a speech during a military meeting.

The army chief, however, did not provide any details about parties seeking military intervention in the region.

“Algeria’s will is to give a new dynamism to efforts to combat terrorism in the Sahel and Sahara region,” Chengriha said.

Algeria maintains that countries of the region have a responsibility to fight terrorism by themselves.

Algeria opposed France’s military intervention in its neighbor Mali in 2013. Paris ended its military presence there in August 2022.

Algeria also formed the Group of Field Countries, which includes Mali, Niger, and Mauritania, to coordinate military, security, and intelligence efforts to combat terrorism, provided that each country fights inside its own territory without forming joint forces or seeking foreign intervention.

Algeria has repeatedly rejected participation in military alliances to combat terrorism in the Sahel region.

*Ikram Kouachi in Ankara contributed to this report

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