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Türkiye to set 162 ballot boxes in 20 province for Bulgarian elections

In the context of the April 2 elections in Bulgaria, 162 vote boxes will be put up in 20 provinces of Türkiye.

Cevat Gunes, head of the Culture and Solidarity Association for Thrace and Balkan Turks told Anadolu that Bulgaria will hold early general elections for the fifth time in the previous two years due to the inability to establish a government.

“Our objective is that Turks in Bulgaria to have better living conditions and a higher standard of living. We want a stable government in place to develop relations between Türkiye and Bulgaria,” he said.

Gunes stated that there are nearly 20 parties participating in the elections in Bulgaria, but a government could not be formed because the parties could not get enough deputies.

“We have more than 300,000 voters in Türkiye. 300,000 of our dual citizens and compatriots living in Türkiye can vote in the Bulgarian elections. However, we see that our compatriots voted in the band of 60-90 thousand in the last elections,” he said.

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