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Thousands of demonstrators protest ruling 5-party coalition gov’t in Czechia

In an anti-government demonstration held in Prague on Saturday, thousands of people urged peaceful solutions for the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The demonstrators gathered in Wenceslas, a prominent square of the capital, to protest against the five-party coalition government.

The demonstration, under the slogan of “Czechia against Poverty”, was organized by various non-governmental organizations, especially right-wing anti-government parties.

Calling on the government to resign, the demonstrators demanded an end to the pressure on social media and the implementation of regulations that would ensure fair and objective reporting.

The demonstrators also called for a peace conference in Czechia to find a peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine, and demanded that the arms support to Kyiv be terminated.

They also said the country’s largest energy company, CEZ, which is 70% state-owned, should be nationalized due to the energy crisis.

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