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Iraqi Turkmens continue to send aid to earthquake victims in Türkiye

Iraqi Turkmens continue to send humanitarian aid to the victims of last month’s deadly earthquakes that killed thousands in Türkiye.

Turkmens collected foodstuffs, clothes, blankets, beds, drinking water and cleaning supplies from donors in the Turkmeneli region for the quake victims.

“We have been helping the quake victims in Malatya province for more than a month now,” Murad Kopruoglu, an Iraqi Turkmen, told Anadolu.

Kopruoglu, the owner of a transportation company, thanked Turkmens in Kirkuk for their donations to the earthquake victims.

“Our aid trucks began to arrive in Türkiye,” he said.

“Iraqi Turkmens residing in Istanbul also sent aid trucks to the quake-hit area,” he added. “Turkmens also continue distributing food via a mobile kitchen established in Malatya.”

Kopruoglu said Turkmens are also working to establish a camp of about 200 prefabricated houses for the quake victims.

“We are still working on the field to help” the quake victims, he added.

According to Kopruoglu, more than 50 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid have been dispatched by Iraqi Turkmens to the quake victims in Türkiye.

More than 47,900 people were killed in Türkiye by earthquakes that struck on Feb. 6, according to official figures.

More than 13 million people in Türkiye have been affected by the powerful quakes that rocked 11 provinces, including Adana, Adiyaman, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kilis, Malatya, Osmaniye, Elazig, and Sanliurfa.

* Ikram Imane Kouachi contributed to this report

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