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Turkish opposition alliance nominates Kemal Kilicdaroglu for presidency

Türkiye’s opposition alliance has named the chairman of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) as their joint candidate for the upcoming presidential election, expected to be held on May 14.

In a joint statement following their meeting in the capital Ankara on Monday, the six-party opposition bloc announced Kemal Kilicdaroglu as their joint candidate for the presidential election.

The alliance of six opposition parties comprises CHP, Good (IYI) Party, Felicity Party (SP), Future Party (GP), Democrat Party (DP), and Democracy and Progress (DEVA) Party.

Meral Aksener, head of the IYI Party, rejoined the opposition alliance and attended the coalition’s meeting on Monday.

Aksener quit the bloc on Friday due to her unwillingness to support the choice of Kilicdaroglu as a presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

A former interior minister whose party is the second largest in the opposition bloc, Aksener was reported to have favoured either of the popular mayors of Istanbul or Ankara instead of Kilicdaroglu.

Kilicdaroglu has failed to win a national election in the 13 years he has led the CHP. 

About the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Türkiye, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signaled that the elections would be held on May 14, when citizens will choose the president as well as all 600 members of parliament.

In 2017, Turkish voters decided through a referendum to switch from a parliamentary system to an executive presidential system of governance.

As of 2018, Türkiye did away with the premiership and fully shifted to a presidential system of government, which Erdogan won.

Erdogan declares Turkish nation the winner after election victory

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