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Ex-Officer Will Stand Trial in Fatal Shooting of Black Man in Michigan

A former police officer who fatally shot an unarmed Black man after a traffic stop in Grand Rapids, Mich., in April will stand trial for second-degree murder, a state district court judge ruled on Monday.

Judge Nicholas S. Ayoub said in an opinion that he read from the bench at a hearing on Monday that there was probable cause for the former officer, Christopher Schurr, to be tried on a single count of second-degree murder in the killing of Patrick Lyoya on April 4.

Ven Johnson and Ben Crump, lawyers for Mr. Lyoya’s family, said in a statement that a trial “is the next step in our pursuit for obtaining full and complete justice for the murder of Patrick Lyoya.”

“Our legal team will continue to fight to ensure former Grand Rapids police officer Christopher Schurr and the City of Grand Rapids are held accountable for his actions,” they said.

Midway through the struggle, the officer’s body camera stops filming. Chief Winstrom said at a news conference in April that pressure was applied to the camera to turn it off during the struggle. It was not clear who applied that pressure or whether it was intentional.

Other cameras — from the officer’s vehicle, a nearby doorbell security system and a bystander’s cellphone — captured different portions of the encounter. Shortly before the fatal shot is fired, the officer yells, “Let go of the Taser.” Mr. Lyoya is facing the ground and pushing up, with the officer on top of him, in the moments just before the shooting.

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