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Country duo ‘Big & Rich’ to perform their coronavirus PSA ‘Stay Home’ live

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The country music duo of Big Kenny and John Rich, known as “Big & Rich,” created their own public service announcement as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic — and they’ll be delivering it in the form of a song.

“It’s crazy how this thing got written,” said Big Kenny on “Fox and Friends” on Friday, describing the creative process behind the new song titled “Stay Home.”

“We had just gotten a note from the [Tennessee] governor’s office wanting us all to do PSAs for him telling everybody to stay home,” he said. “I’m reading this note as I’m walking from my studio into the house [and] all the sudden my phone rings. And there’s John on the phone going, ‘Listen to this.’ And he had just basically written the PSA.”

“This is like the perfect public PSA announcement for our times put into song and we will gladly play it for everyone tonight.”

“Fox Nation Presents a Night with John Rich & Big Kenny,” which be available for free across all Fox News Digital and Fox News social media platforms, on Friday, April 3, at 8:00 p.m. EST.

“Big & Rich” will perform their own songs as well as some of their favorites from other artists and share the stories behind some of their biggest hits.

“I am planning on trying to get the word out to everybody, everywhere that the best thing we can do right now is stay home,” said Big Kenny. “Stay wherever we are. Not collect in big groups of people, and not spread this thing any further.  We need to stop it right where it is so we can get on with our lives later on this year.”

Rich appeared on “The Logan Sekulow ReProgram” radio show last week to talk about how the song came together.


“I saw the president on TV going, ‘I just want all Americans to stay home. Just stay home. Just be good people and stay home. Just stay home,’” Rich explained on the show. “And he kept saying that and I went, ‘OK, that’s the public service announcement for America. I’m going to see if I can write it.’”

“I called up my buddy Charlie (Pennachio) and my buddy T.J. (McDaniel), and then I called up Larry Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers whose one of the silliest, craziest guys in the world and I got them all on a conference call… and in about 42 minutes the four of us had finished writing the song ‘Stay Home.’ Called up Kenny and Kenny rolled out of his chair laughing so hard and said, ‘we gotta record this now!’” said Rich.


“It’s a terribly serious situation, obviously, but the flip side of it is, you look at just some of the absurdity of what’s going on right now in your house and for how long this is going to be going. We gotta have some kind of relief from that.”

To see hear more from Rich, watch his Fox Nation show “The Pursuit,” where he sits down with Americans from all walks of life, from fellow musicians Wynonna Judd to Gretchen Wilson to wounded veteran Noah Galloway, to discuss their pursuits of the American dream.


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Fox News’ Jessica Napoli contributed to this report.


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