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Coronavirus: UK patients who have died after contracting COVID-19

As the number of people in the UK who have died after contracting coronavirus rises, we look at the stories of some of those who have lost their lives.

Most of those who have died in the UK have been over the age of 70, but the victims have included a 13-year-old boy.

The majority of people who have died had underlying health problems, but people of all ages have been infected.

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Chloe Middleton, 21, is one of the youngest COVID-19 victims and had no underlying health conditions, according to her family.

Darrell Blakeley, 88, from Middleton, Manchester, was a regular church-goer and a member of his congregation’s choir.

Nick Matthews, 59, from Nailsea in Somerset, was described by his wife as her ‘soul mate’. He had previously served as a police officer.

Leonard Gibson, 78, died at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield after testing positive for coronavirus. His family praised the work of the NHS in a statement.

Craig Ruston, from Kettering, Northamptonshire, ran a popular blog where he talked about his motor neurone disease. He died aged 45. Pic: Facebook/Me and my MND

Former England rugby union star Will Greenwood revealed his aunt Jean, who was in her 80s, died after contracting COVID-19, saying she had ‘so many more years to give’. Pic: @WillGreenwood/Instagram

Wendy Jacobs, 58, was a headteacher at a primary school in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. Her school’s chair of governors said in a letter to parents that staff were ‘in shock’ following her death. Pic: Roose Community Primary School

Peter Myles was the father of Transformers actress Sophia Myles and a former vicar. His daughter had been documenting his life while living with Parkinson’s disease.

Kimberley Finlayson, 52, from Hertfordshire, died in Bali after contracting COVID-19. Her husband said he had ‘lost half of himself’. Pic:

Steven Dick, 37, died from coronavirus in Hungary, where he served as the deputy head of mission at the British Embassy in Budapest.

Basharat Hussain, 66, died at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham after being on a ventilator for a week. He was described by friends as a ‘true gentleman’.

Retired teacher Michael Gerard, 73, from Leicester, died only a few days after testing positive for coronavirus. Pic: Facebook/ Sushila Moles

Marita Edwards, 80, died at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport and had no underlying health conditions, according to her son, but was considered too frail for a ventilator. Pic: Stuart Loud

Ruth Burke, 82, died at Antrim Area Hospital after facing ‘many challenges in her life’, according to her daughter. Pic: Facebook/ Brenda Doherty

Amged El-Hawrani, 55, died in hospital in Leicester, and is the first confirmed frontline worker to die after testing positive for coronavirus.

Former Coventry City footballer Walter Hames, 75, passed away after testing positive for COVID-19. His family said he was ‘fit and healthy’ when he contracted the virus. Pic: Neil Hames

Adam Sullivan, 28, was reportedly admitted to hospital with pneumonia. He later died after testing positive for COVID-19. Pic: GoFundMe

Lucia Di Nicola, 19, was an assistant chef from Nereto in central Italy and described as “very healthy” by his family. He was taken by ambulance to the North Middlesex Hospital in Enfield, north London, but died from apparent fulminant pneumonia. The NHS confirmed he had no underlying health conditions.

Leading organ transplant consultant Dr Adil El Tayar, 64, died having fallen ill a few days earlier. The Sudanese doctor had been working at Hereford Hospital, which is where his family believe he caught the virus. He is believed to be the first working surgeon in the UK to die with COVID-19.

Pharmacist Pooja Sharma and her father Sudhir

Birnham Roberts, an 82-year-old grandfather from Birmingham, died after testing positive for COVID-19

Ronald Bayfield, 95, was a former headteacher and president of South West Essex Reform Synagogue. He was ill with coronavirus for two weeks at Northwick Park Hospital before his death. No one from the family was allowed to visit.

Leading NHS doctor, Dr Alfa Saadu, 68, died two weeks after contracting COVID-19. He was described as a “living legend” by his family and had worked for the NHS for decades – though he was not working on the frontline when he picked up the virus.

Thomas Harvey, a healthcare assistant at North East London NHS Foundation Trust, had been unable to eat for several days and struggled to breathe after catching COVID-19. It is understood the father-of-seven contracted the virus after treating a patient with the disease on his ward.

Neil Kraft, 69, had been due to retire after 30 years as a rabbi before his death. He was rushed to hospital after showing the symptoms of COVID-19 and was placed on a ventilator in intensive care. He is understood to have had an underlying health issue before contracting coronavirus. Sue Baskind, 74, was described as a “very active, fit lady” by her son Dr Robert Baskind, a consultant psychiatrist for the NHS in Leeds. She was understood to have had underlying health conditions for several years. Close caption Previous image Next image



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