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Coronavirus: Magician Dynamo tests positive for COVID-19 after suffering ‘severe’ symptoms

Dynamo says he has tested positive for coronavirus after experiencing “severe symptoms”.

The 37-year-old TV magician suffers from both Crohn’s disease and arthritis, putting him at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from the virus.

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hi guys, hope you’re all keeping safe and well. It’s been a bit of a rough couple of weeks so wanted to give you an update. As you know I’ve had some health issues over last few years and underlying conditions make this virus particularly dangerous and very real… 1/2

— Dynamo (@Dynamomagician) April 2, 2020

Dynamo – whose real name is Steven Frayne – revealed the news on Twitter, telling his 2.1m followers he had decided to take a private COVID-19 test for a number of reasons.

Urging people to take coronavirus seriously, he said: “Firstly, because of my existing health issues, and the fact I’m on immunosuppressive therapy, I’m at high risk.

“Secondly, although I haven’t had a fever, my symptoms have been quite severe and finally, so that I was able to inform those who I’ve been in contact with so they can make their own relevant precautions.

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“I’ve had my results back now and unfortunately, I have tested positive for COVID-19.”

Dynamo said his symptoms included “persistent coughs and lots of aches and pains” and he self-isolated for just over two weeks.

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He warned: “This illness can effect anyone, it doesn’t discriminate and it can present itself in many different ways. We’re all genuinely at risk.”

Dynamo said his symptoms have now gradually decreased and he felt he was “over the worst of it”.

He also praised key workers, NHS and those working hard to keep communities going during the outbreak, including shelf stackers and porters.

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He said: “I think I speak on behalf of everyone out there when I say thank you so much for the incredible work that you’re all doing. You’re genuine heroes and you’re in all our hearts right now. Thank you.”

Dynamo’s new series Beyond Belief, in which he travels the world with his magic, comes to Sky One and NOW TV on 9 April.


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