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Anna Kooiman shares at-home workouts for coronavirus lockdown

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Americans can no longer use lack of proper equipment as an excuse for not working out during the coronavirus pandemic, certified women’s fitness specialist and former “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Anna Kooiman said Friday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends First” with hosts Jillian Mele and Rob Schmitt, Kooiman said that while hosting her “Strong Sexy Mammas program,” a mom was using tins of baby formula to do bicep curls.


“If you’re really desperate, I think people have turned to drinking wine. Probably not the best option for weights. The more likely option is just some cans of soup. So, in your next grocery delivery, get some big cans of soup,” she advised.

Kooiman said that the fitness buffs need to have a “paradigm shift in [their minds]” because there are easy and effective fitness methods to implement inside homes as well.


“You don’t necessarily have to have weights. Dumbbells are not necessary,” she told the “Friends First” hosts. “And, the other thing is, you know you think about back in the 1980’s you could get so many great cardio exercises done with Jane Fonda on an exercise bench. Most of us don’t have one of those, but we do have, say, a fireplace or a sturdy bench outside. Just make sure it’s a nice piece of furniture that’s not going to risk falling and you can have at it there as well.”

“I’d say, you know, organize your workout time around your family. You’re homeschooling, you’re working at home, your household duties without a doubt,” Kooiman added, noting that working out with together with family members can be fun.

However, the importance of fitness is not just about physical health — especially during high-stress situations.

“It’s about our mental health too,” Kooiman stated. “Americans, human beings — we’re not meant to be in a cage. We’re meant to get outside.”


“And so, if you can schedule into your routine some sort of activity — I like to do the morning personally because it sets me up for an amazing day and the endorphin rush is kind of that gift that keeps on giving,” she recommended. “My wish to you at home is that you will fit exercise into your life.”


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