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Afghan War Casualty Report: Aug. 16-22

The following report compiles all significant security incidents confirmed by New York Times reporters throughout Afghanistan from the past seven days. It is necessarily incomplete as many local officials refuse to confirm casualty information. The report includes government claims of insurgent casualty figures, but in most cases these cannot be independently verified by The Times. Similarly, the reports do not include Taliban claims for their attacks on the government unless they can be verified. Both sides routinely inflate casualty totals for their opponents.

At least 25 pro-government forces and 103 civilians were killed in Afghanistan during the past week. The deadliest attack took place in Kabul, where a suicide bomber blew himself up in the men’s section of a wedding hall, killing at least 80 people and wounding nearly 200 others. In Balkh Province, a roadside bomb hit a vehicle in the Qala-e-Barbar area of Dawlat Abad District, killing 12 civilians, including five children and four women. Two American soldiers were killed on Wednesday, bringing American military fatalities in the country this year to 14.

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Aug. 21 Faryab Province: two American service members killed

Two American service members from an Army Special Forces unit were killed while carrying out an operation in restive Faryab Province in the north, and most likely died during a firefight, according to Afghan and American officials.

2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan as Talks With Taliban ResumeAug. 21, 2019

Aug. 21 Faryab Province: one commando killed

One commando was killed and another was wounded during a military operation in the Qaragholi area of Almar District.

Aug. 20 Baghlan Province: four pro-government militia members killed

The Taliban attacked a security outpost in the Wadi village of Tala wa Barfak District, killing four pro-government militia members over several hours of fighting.

Aug. 20 Baghlan Province: one civilian killed

The deputy of the Population Registration Department was kidnapped and killed by the Taliban while traveling to Baghlan-e-Markazi District from Pul-i-Kumri, the provincial capital.

Aug. 20 Jowzjan Province: one pro-government militia member killed

A militia commander was killed by his bodyguard in the Kokladalsh area of Faizabad District. The attacker took the commander’s weapon and joined the insurgency.

Aug. 20 Ghor Province: two civilians killed

A civilian and his son were killed by a roadside bomb in the Midan Barra Khanah area of Firouz Koh, the provincial capital, while traveling by motorcycle. The man’s wife was also wounded.

Aug. 20 Ghor Province: three security forces killed

Two police officers and one pro-government militia member were killed in clashes between security forces and insurgents in the Tangi Bidan area of Firouz Koh, the provincial capital. Local authorities claimed that 38 members of the Taliban were killed, eight were wounded, and seven others were arrested by security forces.

Aug. 20 Balkh Province: four security forces killed

During a military operation in Zareh District, the Taliban ambushed a military convoy of Afghan forces, killing three police officers and one member of the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s intelligence agency. Local authorities claimed that six Taliban fighters were killed in the ensuing battle.

Aug. 19 Balkh Province: one soldier killed

A roadside bomb hit a Humvee of Afghan forces in the village of Timorak in Charbolak District, killing one and wounding three others.

Aug. 19 Badghis Province: one soldier killed

The Taliban attacked the district governor office in Qades District, killing one member of the territorial army and wounding another. Local authorities claimed that two Taliban fighters were also killed in the clash.

Aug. 18 Herat Province: one civilian killed

A village elder who was working for the government was taken prisoner and then killed by the Taliban in the Chehldokhtaran village of Koshk-e Robatsangi District.

Aug. 18 Kunduz Province: three civilians killed

Afghan forces killed three civilians from a single family after firing a mortar shell at Taliban positions, hitting a house in the Aq Tepa area, the center of Qala-e-Zal District.

Aug. 18 Balkh Province: 12 civilians killed

A roadside bomb hit a vehicle in the Qala-e-Barbar area of Dawlat Abad District, killing 12 civilians, including five children and four women. They were on their way to Mazar-e-Sharif City, the provincial capital, from the village of Hayatan in Dawlat Abad District. The bomb was placed by the Taliban after the terrorist group suffered heavy casualties in a clash with Afghan forces.

Aug. 18 Herat Province: one police officer killed

The Taliban killed a female police officer in Gozarah District after she was taken prisoner the previous day while heading home from her job in Qahramon-e-mili Road in Herat City, the provincial capital.

Aug. 18 Kabul Province: 80 civilians killed

A bombing at a wedding hall in Kabul killed at least 80 people and wounded 182 others. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for this heinous attack on civilians.

One Minute It Was an Afghan Wedding. The Next, a Funeral for 63.Aug. 18, 2019

Aug. 17 Faryab Province: five security forces killed

The Taliban attacked a security outpost in the village of Yangi, where clashes continued for five hours. Five security forces, including one police officer and four pro-government militia members, were killed, and six security forces were wounded. Local authorities claimed that 12 Taliban fighters were killed in the clash.

Aug. 17 Faryab Province: one civilian killed

The Taliban fired a mortar on the village of Mullaian in Pashton Kot District, killing a 12-year-old child and wounding six other children.

Aug. 17 Faryab Province: one police officer killed

One police officer was killed and seven others were wounded when more than 100 Taliban members attacked the center of Shirin Tagab District, where clashes continued for six hours. Insurgents were pushed back and eight Taliban members were killed in the battle, according to local authorities.

Aug. 17 Ghazni Province: three civilians killed

Three civilians were killed and three others were wounded when their vehicle was attacked by armed men in Wayez District.

Aug. 16 Herat Province: one commando killed

An Afghan commando was killed during a clash with the Taliban in the village of Aziz Abad in Shindand District.

Reporting was contributed by the following New York Times reporters: Najim Rahim from Mazar-e-Sharif, Asadullah Timory from Herat and Farooq Jan Mangal from Khost.

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